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Studio Hours
Monday to Saturday
9:00am - 7:00pm
Se Habla Español

Mobile Massage Available

1649 Forum Pl Suite 2
West Palm Beach, FL


Our Story

Lino and Katia

Lino and Katia met in 2013 in Puerto Rico and it was an instant connection, emotionally and professionally. While he was still with his event planning business and she was at her full time corporate job; they where both performing massage on their free time. Shortly after they both transitioned their careers to the Massage and Wellness Industry.


In summer 2014 they decided to join  their passion to heal others, opening their first business together, Yumbotik Massage. The business took off immediately participating at conventions, sports, employee appreciation and corporate events, spa parties, private clients, among many others.


They also offered their services in two locations in San Juan where they were very successful.  One of them was at Isla Verde Beach where the focus was to provide massage to tourists right by the beach. While the second was in Hato Rey and worked with local clientele.


By spring 2017 they had established a prosperous business but their intuition was telling them that it was time to evolve. By August 2017 they relocated to Palm Beach, Florida where they initially focused on learning  the massage and wellness industry working on different spas, chiropractic offices, wellness centers and growing their private clientele. 


After three years they've decided to, once again, launch their venture and open their first private practice at Delray Beach. They are extremely excited and happy to be able to continue the work by helping people relax and heal.

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