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Unlock the Power of  Your Breath : Join Our Intro Class Today!


Welcome to your first step towards a healthier, more mindful you! Join us in our Introduction to the Inspire Breathworks Program, where we explore the transformative power of breath. Led by our experienced instructor, Katia M. Mercado, this session is designed to introduce you to the essentials of functional breathing. Whether you're seeking to enhance your wellness journey, find new ways to manage stress and anxiety or improve lung function. Our class offers practical techniques that can be integrated into your daily life. Begin your journey with us and discover the profound impact of mindful breathing!


Katia Mercado,
Integrative Bodywork Therapist & Breathwork Coach

With over a decade in wellness and alternative medicine, Katia's expertise stems from a personal journey of overcoming chronic respiratory challenges.  She is the program’s certified Breath Coach with extensive hours of training and teaching and is passionate about healthy living, breathwork, massage therapy, women’s health, and wholesome eating. Her passion and purpose are evident in her dedication to helping others achieve better health through breathwork.

In this Intro Class we will cover



Time & Duration

January 10th

February 7th

Live Online


7:00 pm EST

1.5 Hour

" What I learned from Katia has been life-changing. I didn't realize how poor my lung capacity was until the class. Now, I have exercises, tools, and techniques to strengthen my lungs and enhance my breathing."
The overall experience was very good, with a lot of useful information about breathing. The one-on-one contact with the instructor was beneficial. The breathing exercises have helped me with my anxiety and improved my breathing during sports.
Absolutely fantastic and life-changing. I am now focusing on my breathing, and the exercises, though difficult, are very helpful. Thank you, Katia!

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