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The Unhealthy Side of Being Multitasking


According to the internet, Multitask appeared around 1965 and refers to the ability of a computer to process several tasks at the same time. Decades later, humans adapted this concept in many aspects of their lives.

Our entire human body — the brain, the heart, organs, every system, and cell — already performs thousands of functions simultaneously every moment. This intricate dance demands a vast amount of vital energy to operate efficiently.

However, the more a person chooses to multitask, the more energy is required to accomplish various internal and external tasks. Over time, symptoms like mental fog, fatigue, and overwhelming tiredness begin to set in, making even everyday tasks feel burdensome.

This constant state of distraction emanates from the subconscious parts of our mind, leading to forgotten tasks and overlooked details. Physiologically, the heart rate quickens, hormone levels surge, and feelings of stress and imbalance permeate both our physical body and our more ethereal energy centers, such as chakras and the luminous body.

Reflecting on my past, I've grappled with the duality of multitasking. I've observed its effects not only within myself but also in those around me. But, life is too precious to be overshadowed by the chaos of overwhelm, and I'm profoundly grateful for the insights I've gained.

That's why I now advocate for a singular focus on tasks. It's perfectly acceptable to pace oneself, defer tasks, and immerse in singular experiences. Taking moments to rest and recharge is essential to stave off burnout.

The journey of self-awareness equips us with tools for a healthier life — and choosing health is a conscious decision we must make daily.

Blessings to every experience; it truly is the elixir of transformation.

Reconnect with Your Essence!

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Warm regards, Lino Malakhi 🙏🏽😇❤️


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