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Studio Hours
Monday to Saturday
9:00am - 7:00pm
Se Habla Español

Mobile Massage Available

1649 Forum Pl Suite 2
West Palm Beach, FL



We curated To Heal THERAPEUTIC Massage to provide you with the "Best Massage Ever" experience. We combine our 20+ years of experience to personalized and provide YOU with a  exclusively tailored session. 

When you book a massage service with us, you are signing up for a full relaxing, therapeutic and restorative experience. Each massage includes your full time (no time cuts), hot towels, our 100% Organic and Hypoallergenic Massage Oil and Aromatherapy. We  honor your time and our focus is YOU before, during and after the session. 

To Heal THERAPEUTIC Signature Massage focuses on:

  • Your choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic blend.  

  • Relax and sooth from daily stress. 

  • Release pain and muscles soreness. 

  • Increase range of motion. 

  • Improve circulation.

  • Massage customization to focus on your needs.

60 min


90 min


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